What is construction fabric?

Walls Construction:

Concrete blocks allow to significantly lower price of construction works as well as speed up the process and increase the thermal efficiency of the house.

  • Claydite-concrete blocks

Claydite-concrete blocks are made of sand, claydite, concrete and water. This combination of materials makes blocks light, porous and good thermally efficient material. here are many variations in form factors and sizes as well as hollow or full. The material makes walls construction process accessible even for non-professionals.

  • Sand-lime bricks

Sand-lime brick is a light variation of concrete made of concrete, quicklime, quartz sand and water. Houses made of such material are classified as made of stone. Not only aerated concrete is light. It is also resistant to rotting, ecologically safe and thermally effective. Houses constructed with aerated concrete allow to safe up to 30% in heating bills.

  • Ceramic blocks

Ceramic blocks are made of clay, fine woodchip and sand. This material provides great sound and thermal insulation as well as fire resistance.

  • Brick

There are two main types of bricks: ceramic, which is made with burnt clay and silicate, which is composed of sand, lime and additives. Brick constructions are known to be durable, good looking, unleashing architectural creativity, resistant to fungus, corrosion and mold.

  • Concrete or monolithic structures

Concrete or monolithic structures are created with concrete and formwork. Formwork is used to encapsulate concrete, shape and harden it. Buildings constructed with this technique have great thermal and sound insulation as well as high durability with reduced weight. There is no need for additional preparation before finishing works.

In rare cases, materials are bound to an architectural project, yet oftentimes you can select between a wide range of materials to your taste – our architects would make sure to help you with the best options.


Roofing - installation of a rafter system, fitting for insulation, hydro-vapor barrier, lathing, laying of roofing materials.

Installation of doors and windows

Doors and windows installation is a final stage in house construction. Such finishing works should be accomplished by strictly following installation requirements and techniques. Quality of materials and installation techniques directly affects the longevity of materials. Material types, specifications, configuration, mounting difficulty as well as the quality of accessories all of these factors affect price final solution. We offer reliable doors and windows in order to provide you with great designs and functionality for many years.

Facade isolation and finishing

Isolation and finishing are highly interlinked technical processes in construction. They solve such issues as protection against rough weather conditions, thermal resistance and external walls decoration.

As in every type of finishing works, base preparation is done before facade finishing. In the case of new construction building, as all works are done in the predefined sequence. Our professionals always use selected and tested materials as well as techniques in order to save time and money.

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