Ecocapsule® is a smart, self-sustainable micro-home, which utilizes solar and wind energy. It allows you to stay in remote places out of reach of infrastructure, with the luxury of a hotel room. Ecocapsule® is your design way to independent housing. It can serve as a cottage, pop-up hotel, caravan, mobile office, research station, or anything you want it to be. We have engineered the product from scratch to be as self-sufficient, practical and functional as possible. Join us and change the world - starting with yours.

The installed solar power is 880W. We have chosen high-efficiency solar cells in order to maximize energy production.

Low-noise wind turbine is delivering up to 750W during day and night. Telescopic pole, on which turbine is placed, can be easily folded for smooth transportation. The wind turbine can produce electricity 24 hours a day.

The unique shape of Ecocapsule® not only minimizes heat loss, but also provides the most important thing for life: Water. Rainwater is collected on the surface, where it’s collected to water tank and filtered for your convenience.


  • Exterior length: 4.67m/15.32ft
  • Exterior width: 2.20m/7.22ft
  • Exterior height: 2.50m/8.20ft
  • Height with the wind turbine pole extended: 4.10m/13.45ft
  • Dry Weight: 1350kg/2976lb
  • Weight with full water tanks: 1570kg/3461lb
  • Weight with trailer and full water tanks: 2000kg/4409lb
  • Gross floor area: 8.2m2
  • Gross internal area: 6.3m2
  • Sleeping capacity: 1-2 persons
  • Installed power output: wind 750W, solar 880W peak
  • Battery capacity: 9,7 kWh (default option)


The Ecocapsule® body is made from insulated fiberglass shells overlaid on an steel framework.


Low-noise wind turbine on telescopic pole, braced, height approximately 4.1m (13.5 ft) when extended, installed power output 750W.

High efficiency solar panels on the roof, installed power output 880W peak.


  • Basic system: 24V, sockets 110/230V
  • Electric installation: Electric cabinet, cable system, sockets, switches, sensors
  • Batteries: min. 9,7kWh
  • Lighting: 24V, LED lights
  • Lightning protection
  • Optional equipment: mini fridge
  • External connection to 110/230V network
  • possible to charge via Mennekes (type 2)


Optional AC unit with low energy consumption will be available with the second generation Ecocapsule®.

Direct ventilation via windows, indirect via passive heat recuperation unit. Water heater for kitchen and sanitary usage.


Smart home system and sensors

Home system interface: smart-phone application

Data network connection (within 2G/3G/4G coverage)


Water is collected, filtered and available at your convenience. The Ecocapsule® bathroom works like any other bathroom and is equipped with a water saving faucet and shower head. The water storage tank has a high capacity and you can add water from any source – either collected rainwater or water from any other external source (stream, lake, camp water, etc.). It is cleaned via a pre-filtration system and UV LED lamp. This system filters out 99,98% of dirt, so you are left with clean, usable water. Drinking water is also provided by filters installed on the faucets.


The toilet is waterless and separating. We are working on an incineration toilet for our second generation Ecocapsule® units.


Our furniture is made from lightweight honeycomb panels with a wood veneer finish. The furniture includes a desk, cabinets, racks, folding bed with mattress (2m x 1.65m / 6.5ft x 5.4ft when unfolded), kitchenette cabinets and baggage cabinet.


We offer a standard warranty on the manufacturing quality of the entire unit. The length of the warranty depends on the country of delivery. Should there be any issues, you can contact your closest reseller and a specialized technician will be provided.

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