How old historical heritage architecture buildings are?

Usually, such buildings are over 100 years old. Such buildings are constructed with outdated requirements, technologies and restrictions in mind. Correct renovation allows us to save and enforce buildings as well as make them comfortable and fit better in the modern ecosystem.

What are the reasons for the renovation?

During construction of such buildings were used very outdated techniques. Wooden frames, brick or wooden walls, lane foundations and rubble are good examples. Nowadays many of such materials and techniques are considered unsafe and even dangerous.

Which kinds of work should be done in renovation?

If pre-construction analysis would indicate weakness of ground and possibility of ground not being able to support estimated construction – ground enforcement should be made. There are many techniques that can be used among which chemical solutions, frames, custom building construction to distribute weight better.

Enforcement of foundation should be done in cases when the current state of foundation does not provide the necessary support. Enforcement techniques are selected on a case basis.

Layout reorganization is a process aimed at an enlargement of the building area via the construction of additional areas or repurpose of current areas.

Renovation of engineering communications is another serious step. It covers but not limited to the following activities: renovation of water piping and plumbing, electric installation work, installation of security systems (e.g. fire alarm, video-monitoring), installation of a new heating system.

Renovation of finishing, facade and decorative elements can be done with the advantage of modern materials and technologies which remain authentic looks. This step allows recreating original view of the building. For example, elements added to the building during the soviet or post-soviet period can be removed.


As a result of these processes, the building becomes more functional, modern, safer, easier to utilize and maintain.

MA Construction company provides renovation services of historical buildings. We are happy to cover design, renovation plan and flawless execution.


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