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Spacious cozy and functional house is a dream of many families. Yet many people run away from this idea due to fear of investing huge amount of money into construction. Our company believes that dreams are meant to become true. We create best opportunity for every type of client with a great emphasis on making all requests affordable.

This project is a good example of such dream becoming reality and it was only possible thank to recommendation.


Beginning of work


Detailed project planning and offer agreement is crucial part of any project. As soon as client agreed on optimal solution we were able to proceed with document preparation and submission. Thank to perfectly prepared documentation construction allowance was granted without any problems and even faster than expected.


One of the most important steps is building a foundation. We took a technological pause to allow concrete to better come together. Next steps were construction of brick walls and roof, which were completed quick and with ease.

Wiring, water and plumbing connections were next fundamental stage.


As a result of precise time management project was completed in very short terms.

We are grateful for trust client demonstrated to us and we are glad to support this trust by providing amazing results.

We wish this family to have a happy and joyful life in this new house.


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