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Historical buildings are in high demand among foreign investors. This makes Prague real estate to constantly grow in price. In last three years average price of properties has risen by thirty percent.

Prague is a city with rich history and great architectural culture. Yet this legacy sometimes needs renovation.

This project was not an exemption. Our organisation was contacted by investor who acquired a property in Prague and wanted to renovate it. The future purpose of property is to let apartments for rent.

Beginning of work

After agreement on project goals and details, we created a complete construction design and planning. All necessary documentation was immediately prepared and submitted for consideration.

All allowed preparation works were started even before documents submission. This way we would save time and money for the client.


One of the clients requests was to optimise cost without compromise on quality. In order to achieve this goal we applied smart technological solutions, used drywalls instead of using plaster. Old roof was renovated  and staircase was refurbished.



Project was successfully completed and put into operation. Moreover we managed to create additional property for rent. The client was surprised and highly pleased with the result.
We are glad to say that our cooperation with this client is still active on many projects.



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