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He had a specific amount that he planned to invest. There were several investment options - in the end, the customer decided to make a spa with emphasis on cryosauna.

Development of design documentation

When the customer chosed the premises, we went to the technical inspection, and after viewing our company did a quote, layout and design project.

Project approval

After coordination the project with the customer, we transmitted all the documents to building executive.

Building permit

After obtaining permission, we proceeded to dismantle the old floor, ceilings,
partitions, old networks, etc.

Object implementation

Works performed by our company:
- The construction of new walls of plasterboard;
- Installation of new networks;
- Installation of a new ventilation system;
- Laying new tiles;
- Putting decorative plaster;
- Installation of a fire system and so on.
For a visual effect to make the room seem bigger, we set stretch ceiling. After doing this work, everyone was happy.
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